Quality Control

The Wray Plumbing & Heating goal is to meet our customers' needs on time, within the budget parameters, and with a superior end product. This goal-oriented philosophy is a company standard that begins with corporate leaders who have extensive field experience and knowledge of every aspect of our trade. Our craftspeople have completed a minimum of 5 years of education and related training as a registered apprentice. All of our welders are certified by the National Certified Welding Bureau. Our medical gas technicians are certified by the American Med Gas Institute.

Our firm is committed to continuous education. Our project managers have completed the MCAA Institute for project management and are HealthCare Construction Certified. Several of our supervisors and craftspeople have also completed a myriad of classes such as asbestos awareness, OSHA 40 hour training, confined space training and other industry related information awareness items.

On our projects, quality is of primary importance. This starts with the initial procurement of equipment and materials that meet or exceed the specified requirements. Material procurement starts with the proper coordination with the General Contractor and other trades for delivery and storage of onsite materials and equipment, before arrival to the jobsite. A thorough inspection is made upon receipt onsite, or to our warehouses storage space, there are weekly on-site reviews by our project managers and field superintendents, with the focus on providing the client with a fully operational mechanical system in the most cost effective manner possible with proper material and equipment delivery.

Our on-site quality control and assurance begins off the jobsite in our fabrication shops. We fabricate offsite in our shop as much as possible. Working in a controlled environment ensures safety and efficiency and insures minimal handling and non-invasive installation. The process of developing fabrication drawings and having every item double-checked before it leaves our fabrication shops eliminates costly and timely errors. Utilizing our shops allows us to continue working on the project while other trades are performing their own work at the jobsite.

On-site, the project superintendents will oversee the field installation of our work and the work of our subcontractors. They will coordinate with all trades on the job to provide an efficient, high quality installation. Coordination and communication with other trades is emphasized; as well as immediate correction of any work that does not meet the expected level of performance. These items are found during the performance of weekly reviews of progress, system inspection and testing prior to project closeout.

We believe thorough Project Management is the key activity for success in all projects that we participate in, and to insure and control the quality of any system requires a Full Team Effort.

The Project Manager participates from the beginning of the project, starting with the Estimating/Bid Submission Phase. He will communicate with the Mechanical Engineer with any items requiring clarity within the Bid Documents. He will work closely with all potential Sub Tier Subcontractors and Vendors to insure compliance with the specific scope identified in the Bid Documents and finalize the final Bid Proposal. Upon successful award of the Mechanical Scope of Work, he will continue to be involved in the day to day activities and orchestrate all subcontractor dollar amounts and contract agreements. He will work closely with the Project Engineer and insure accurate, timely shop drawings, approval and distribution of shop drawings, submittals, coordination drawings, project schedules and monitoring manpower requirements. He will remain involved in the procurement of all equipment and materials and assist the Field Foreman and Superintendent and Project Engineer in their daily responsibilities. The prompt attention to plans, specifications, submittals, coordination drawings and clarification requests is extremely vital to the successful, on time completion of our projects. Through the continuous, ongoing communication with Field Superintendents, relating to construction site activities and ongoing man power needs, our Project Managers insure a smooth flow of administrative activity including the review, and continual detailing of the project budget and construction schedule. Weekly Staff Meetings held by the Project Manager facilitate communication between all Office Staff, when the project updates including project scheduling, man power needs and delivery tracking is reviewed with the entire Wray Plumbing & Heating Staff. The Project Manager will visit the jobsite a minimum of once a week to observe jobsite progress. As the project nears completion, the project managers will make up a pre-punch list and meet with our subcontractors to schedule completion of any items on the list.

The Project Superintendent will be on-site daily, upon commencement of work activities and will remain involved until project completion. He will assume the role of subcontractor coordination, point of connection tie-in/shutdown responsibility, compliance to project schedule, as built drawings and daily safety requirements.

The Project Engineer will be responsible for the catalog and compliance of all submittals related to the project. He will oversee the distribution to all responsible parties; mobilization updates, plans and specifications, and the coordination of equipment logs, delivery and installation locations, and delivery schedules. The project engineer will phase out of the project at approximately 40-50% completion, with the final procurement of the O&M Manual compilation.

Project Administrator will maintain the Contract, Submittal, RFI, and Change in Work Logs on an ongoing basis between the Office Staff, Subcontractors, and Field Personnel. This flow of communication will expedite timely delivery of all major material items required, and insure prompt distribution and response on all required paperwork.

Coordination with Subcontractors, Vendors and Fellow Trades on the project is mandatory. Wray Plumbing and Heating Company is fortunate to have close relationships with a number of Vendors and potential Subcontractors. This allows us to update our wholesale pricing journals and stay abreast of major equipment costs and any known price increases. This enhances our ability to detail cost parameters early in the bidding process, and addresses any long lead equipment delivery issues during the Bid Phase and eliminates construction delays.

We currently utilize a detailed Unit Pricing System and a Consistent Labor Rate for Change in Work Requests. Under this system, an accurate and consistent dollar-value is calculated through out the duration of the project, and is based upon a cost plus 10% on Prime and Sub-tier Subcontractors pricing.

At Wray P&H we continually market our firm as the high quality provider of superior mechanical and plumbing systems. Our reputation is one of quality installations, timely completion and high level efficiency.