Pre-Construction Services

Wray Plumbing and Heating Company is pleased to offer over 67 years of professional experience in the mechanical industry. We have successfully adapted and evolved within our organization to meet current construction standards, and we continually improve upon means and methods through the full range of a successful building project. This process starts with technical coordination and collaboration through a level of professionalism, experience and technical knowledge that inspires confidence within the project team. The overall goal of our process is to optimize scope and budget and to clearly define the project approach, prior to commencement of construction activities.

Budgeting Analysis

In the preconstruction environment, the estimate source is derived from insightful collaboration between the Owner, Design Team, and Contractors. The quality of the estimate is determined by the ability of the team to communicate effectively during the process. The value added to the project during this process has proven significant. This differs from the traditional bid process which is simply a response to drawings and specifications. The quality of the estimate is defined and enhanced by the quality of the drawings provided. Here at Wray Plumbing, we have the ability to provide budget estimates during different phases of preconstruction as follows:

  • Concept Estimate (Order of Magnitude)
  • Preliminary Estimate (Schematic)
  • Design Development (40-60%)
  • Construction Cost Estimate (100%)

Allowances and contingencies are identified and carried through the pre-construction phase for costing exercises, to cover information lacking or unidentified scope requirements. These contingencies allow further development of the drawings and specifications. Once savings are identified, the owner is due the entire credit from the allowance and/or contingency.

Value Analysis

Through our years of experience and systems knowledge, Wray Plumbing and Heating provides extensive value engineering services. Specifically, we assist in analyzing mechanical components, materials, equipment and systems constructability, to maximize value without compromising the team's goals with regard to function. This team approach is a powerful problem-solving tool that can reduce costs while maintaining or improving performance through quality control. Suggestions are offered for consideration by the project team, risk analysis is reviewed, and ultimately, the Owner, with consultation of their Design team, makes the final decision regarding implementation. Benefits of a well-managed value analysis are as follows:

  • Fewer Project Change Orders
  • Reduced Project Errors
  • Assured Coordination among Project Documents
  • Reliable and Coordinated Schedule

Risk Management and Quality Control

A partnering effort is developed with continual communication of drawing evolution to establish a means of checks and balances. With this measure in place, any contractor and design issues can be brought to light which may affect constructability and timeliness of the project delivery. Through regular meetings directed toward effective design and support, alternate products and methods can be reviewed to ensure that the project intent is met and project phasing and costs remain unaffected, or, are recognized and brought forward for consideration to improve the project goals. We understand and assist in early recognition of project improvements and changes and establish a sense of urgency by identifying costs, the effect on constructability, and the impact to the critical path to completion.