Design Assistance


Wray will take a responsive and leadership role in any high profile project which requires design assist, and pre-construction activities. This process allows Wray to focus on what the owner desires while working in a team atmosphere with the design team and construction team to create, design and build a successful project. Our leadership in this area exists because of the experience and years of service within our organization for design assist / preconstruction projects. This effort will be lead by Jerry Devlin, our Lead Estimator and Project Manager and Erik Devlin, Project Manager.


Wray's approach to "Design/Build" projects is to facilitate the initial design process in a fashion that enhances consolidation of the team, especially the MEP group. Upon completion of the customer survey, general acceptance of the budget constraints and customer buy-in, the systems approach is established.

Wray maintains a position of trust with the MEP group and is now charged with providing the best overall MEP solution. The development of the solution includes coordination of responsibilities, space coordination and site negotiation with the architectural team. The solutions are challenged against the customer's "condition of satisfaction". If the solutions meet the criteria they are presented to the architect for inclusion into the design. Long lead items are identified during the design development phase.

The construction process is based on realistic and reliable planning methods. The mechanical team will maximize pre-assembly/fabrication of all work packages. The packages will be delivered when needed to eliminate multiple handling of material and equipment.

Prior to project completion, the mechanical contractor begins the process of coordinating all of the building systems related to the mechanical work. To begin the close-out process the initial sub trade contacts are made and a closeout schedule is established. The objective is to close-out the project with all punch list work completed prior to substantial completion