Construction Services

Wray Plumbing & Heating Company maintains that "Do Whatever It Takes" attitude to initiate construction. We prefer to coordinate with all trades prior to start of construction in order to minimize common conflicts.

We have the necessary fabrication shop with upgraded equipment, tools, trucks, rolling equipment and heavy machinery to perform the mechanical scope of work for this project.

We consider our current workforce to be the most productive and of highest quality of installation that we've every obtained. Our mechanics hold quality upgrades regarding "Backflow Prevention Technicians, Certified Medical Gas Installers, Certified Welder Qualification, etc."

Our financial abilities and strength of buying power enhances timely delivery for certain product and equipment.

Project Management is a key activity for any project. Prompt attention to plans, specifications, submittals, coordination drawings and clarification requests is extremely vital. Schedule update input and delivery tracking will develop into a large involvement.

Coordination with subcontractors and fellow trades is mandatory. "Partnering" will serve as a valuable tool.

With the mixture and combination of all of the above mentioned subjects, we feel that Wray Plumbing & Heating Company Construction Services are second to none.