Overview of our Services

Wray Plumbing & Heating has been involved in Commercial and Industrial Facility Mechanical work since 1955, contributing to the Mechanical System Design and Operations on over 500 different applications. We provide full Mechanical and Plumbing Systems, less Fire Protection. Design/Build, Design Assist, Budget Estimating and Plan/Specification Construction, Medical Gas Systems, Fabricated and Pre-fabricated Mechanical Piping, and HVAC System Installation. We provide fully coordinated and developed Coordination Drawings, when applicable. We have very qualified and experienced management, field and office personnel to support multiple projects of various size and complexity, concurrently.

Wray Plumbing and Heating Company is a leader in Northern Colorado in the development and functionality of Mechanical Preconstruction Services. Our years of experience and success in providing these services give us the confidence and optimism to take on significant projects. Our desire to serve our clients is the force that drives the program to success. We continually challenge ourselves as a premiere Mechanical Contracting Company, and improve our methods and programs, to improve the efficiency for our clients. We will serve you in any capacity that we can.

Wray is a distinctive, exciting company valued by its employees and customers, respected by its competitors and acknowledged as a leader and a major asset in the community in which it serves and operates.